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Responding to Climate Change

Climate Governance

The Company recognises that climate change presents different risks and opportunities for our business and for society as a whole. In order to proactively address the challenges related to climate change, the Company regularly reviews and evaluates major climate change related issues, and we will gradually integrate climate risks into our internal risk management mechanism, taking into account changes in the external environment. The Company has integrated ESG risks into its existing risk management system, and identifies and manages ESG risks related to the Group's business in accordance with the risk management process. The Risk Control Committee regularly reviews and advises the Board on the Company's risk-related matters, including ESG risks.

Climate Strategy

-Climate-related risks and opportunities

The extreme weather brought about by climate change will still cause various natural disasters and emergencies and bring instability to the hospital’s logistics and personnel transportation.

Climate Risk Management

-Processes for managing climate-related risks

To eliminate or minimize the adverse effects of extreme weather, the Group formulated the Emergency Management Measures of Genertec Universal Medical Group Company Limited (《通用環球醫療集團有限公司突發事件應急管理辦法》) and the EHS Overall Emergency Plan of Genertec Universal Medical Group Company Limited (《通用環球醫療集團有限公司EHS事故總體應急預案》). The formulation and implementation of the response to climate change strategy, regulatory requirements, regulatory policies and industry standards by the state would pose transition risks to the Group in the long run. The Company will continue to monitor the potential impact of these risks on us and make preparations in time to deal with the risks. Meanwhile, the Group will continue to make proactive responds and spare no effort to support the national plan on climate change-related matters.

-Integration of climate risk into the overall risk management process

To cope with barriers posed by climate change actively, the Company will regularly review and evaluate major climate change-related matters, and gradually integrate climate risk into the Group’s internal risk management mechanism in light of changes in the external environment.