Welcome to Universal Medical
Company Profile

Genertec Universal Medical Group Co., Ltd ("Universal Medical") is a subsidiary of China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd ("Genertec"), one of the back bone SOEs directly supervised by the central government. Universal Medical, controlled by SOE a nd focusing on medical a nd healthcare, was listed in July 2015 in Hong Kong, stock code: 2666.

Committed to the fast developing healthcare industry in China, focusing on healthcare service provision, based on fina ncial services, and taking advantage of modern management concepts, professionals, quality medical resources, solid financial strength and inclusive corporate culture, we strive to build a reliable healthcare conglomerate and develop a healthcare ecosystem that can be shared by all and benefit all.

We honor our mission as an SOE, actively implement "Healthy China" strategy, and contribute our share to China's healthcare deeds.

For a Sound Healthcare Service System

SOEs represent an important pillar and main force that matters much to national economy and the people's livelihood. We strive to build a hospital group that complements the governmental medical Institutions, and a multi-level medical system to effectively promote the long-term development of China's health cause.

With GloballyLocated Quality Resources

We have a team of experts covering all fields, and maintain long-term cooperation with world's top medical institutes, universities, hospital management companies, hospital designers, as well as health management institutes, which provide us with resources support.

For Better Healthcare of the Public

In awe of life, we advocate the nature of healthcare services and are committed to improving services level to benefit patients and the society.