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Employee Responsibility

Universal Medical always regards talents as its most valuable asset. With respect, trust, caring and support for the employees, it pays attention to employees' career development and diversified value needs, creating a work environment of tolerance, equality, mutual trust and collaboration. We stimulate potential and broaden the growth channel, in order to realize the synchronized development of its employee and our company.

Protecting Employees’ Rights and Interests

· We pay attention to protecting the rights and interests of employees. We formulate and implement legal and humanized human resources policies and systems, and promote the standardization of enterprise management. We established a democratic management system with the Staff Representative Conference as the core, through supervision hotline, mailbox, and suggestions collection platform, administration open day and other forms. We listen to the voices of the employees and protect the rights and interests of employees.

Supporting Employees Growth

· We respect the value of employees and pay attention to their career development and personal growth. We established a diversified career development channel to achieve the close integration of employees' own values and enterprise values, providing a broad stage for the rapid growth of talents. We attach importance to talent cultivation, committed to promoting the construction of learning organizations. We have built a multilevel, professional training system to help employees continue to grow into high-end talents in the professional field.

Caring for Employee’s Health

· We continue to improve employees’ protection based on the national statutory welfare guarantee. We further establish and improve the competitive welfare plan and improve the health of employees through multi-dimensional methods of health examination, health insurance, health seminars and fitness services. Through clubs and a variety of cultural and sporting events such as outdoor activities, sport competitions, employee family days, etc., we relieve employees' physical and mental stress, enhance team cooperation and communication, and increase employee’s sense of belonging and happiness.