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Talent Strategy

People-oriented and People-prioritized Concept

Universal Medical aims to create an staff team with global vision, proficient expertise and in-depth understanding of the integrated medical service industry, to guarantee sustainable and stable operating revenue for the company, develop the value of human resources as well as the value of customers'.

Through creating a senior management team with global vision, Universal Medical aims to recruit professional elites as our mid-level and junior employees and attract energetic outstanding graduates, so as to guarantee the solid foundation of development. Universal Medical attaches great importance to the internal cultivation and external recruitment of talents, giving full play to the potential of employees and striving to create a broad space for their career development.

Principles of "people-oriented, efficiency-prioritized, equity-considered, and integration of incentivization and constraint"

Universal Medical builds up a talent incentive mechanism centering on performance, ability and responsibility to achieve the corporate mission of "creating wealth for the country, creating interests for the shareholders, creating value for the customers, and creating well-being for the employees"