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Public Welfare Responsibilities

Universal Medical actively participates in social welfare undertakings, attaches importance to giving back to the society and caring for the disadvantaged groups, and promotes the harmonious development of the enterprise and the society and sharing the fruits of development through the setting up of medical funds, education donations, public welfare and education, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, tree planting and forestation, and volunteer services.

Universal Medical Group's hospitals always put social value in the first place, attach importance to the "public welfare" attribute of medical services, and are committed to meeting the diversified, differentiated and personalised health needs, and to comprehensively improve the level of medical technology by holding professional academic conferences, providing in-depth guidance from domestic and foreign top medical experts, and constructing the hospital's information technology, to better provide quality medical services for local people and to safeguard the health of residents. The hospital is committed to meeting diversified, differentiated and personalised health needs by holding professional academic conferences, in-depth guidance from top medical experts at home and abroad, and information construction, etc., so as to comprehensively improve the medical technology level of the hospital and better provide local people with high-quality medical services and escort residents' health.


Public welfare concern

In 2022, Universal Healthcare completed the second donation to "the China Primary Health Care Foundation Xinyan Charity Fund" (hereinafter referred to as Xinyan Charity Fund), which illustrates with practical actions the social responsibility and bearing of a central enterprise that cares for the disadvantaged groups and attaches importance to the public welfare attributes of medical services. Global Healthcare's donation will mainly help Xinyan Public Welfare Fund to help more patients in need of medical assistance in the Northeast, Northwest, North Jiangsu and West Panxi regions, targeting orthopaedic diseases, tumours (lung tumours, colorectal tumours, nails and breasts tumours), renal diseases and other diseases that are highly prevalent and seriously affect the patients' quality of life. In the three years since the launch of the fund, more than 900 patients have been assisted, which effectively meets the clinical treatment needs of acute and serious patients with local economic difficulties.

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Medical assistance

Carrying out medical aid for Xinjiang, Tibet and foreign countries. To serve the national strategy, the hospital dispatches medical teams to Tibet, Xinjiang, Africa and other overseas regions to carry out medical assistance, enhance the local medical technology level and benefit local patients.

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