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Development strategy

Adhering to the whole industry chain thinking With medical services as the core and financial business as the foundation, Building a shared and win-win health industry ecosystem.

健康产业链ICON (2)Financial Services

Taking the fina ncial leasing business as the cornerstone and creating an innovative, high-quality a nd efficient fina ncial service model is the basic guarantee for us to build a hospital group and a health industry ecosystem.

医疗ICON2Medical Service

The hospital group is the core resource in the company's strategic layout. By creating a safe, effective, accessible, and humanistic hospital group, we provide quality medical services to the people.

健康产业链ICON (2)Health Industry Chain

While highlighitng core medical resources, we continue to deploy in online medical service, whole life cycle management of medical equipment, medical examination, combination of medical care and elderly care and healthcare insurance brokerage, to gradually build a sharing and win-win health industry ecosystem.