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Materiality Analysis

-Frequency of materiality analysis

We conduct an annual assessment to identify key stakeholders and their concerns, which serves as an important reference for the continuous enhancement of sustainability management, so as to ensure that the Group's business layout in relation to sustainability is further implemented and optimised.

-Stakeholder engagement

Our key stakeholders, including directors and senior management, shareholders, investors, internal employees, customers and partners, were invited to participate in a survey of issues and share their views on environmental, social and governance issues, and to rate the importance of the 12 identified ESG issues to the stakeholders and to the Group's business operations through an online survey.

-The principle of double materiality

The results of the materiality assessment are presented in two areas, "materiality to stakeholders" and "materiality to Universal Medical", and the final determination of materiality issues and their prioritisation is made with the approval of the Board.

-Review of materiality assessment results

As a result of our assessment, we identified six high profile issues, and the Board of Directors ultimately reviewed and confirmed the materiality assessment results.

-Matrix of issues of importance