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Date of Upload::2024-01-04 Published by:UNIVERSAL MEDICAL

On October 9th, Peng Jiahong, the chairwoman and secretary of the Party Committee of Universal Medical, went to visit the hospitao located in Anhui province, and announced the adjustments and arrangements for cadres involved in regional integration development.


Peng Jiahong and her delegation held a cadre meeting at Hefei Anhua Trauma Rehabilitation Hospital(合肥安化创伤康复医院)and Ma'anshan 17th Metallurgical Hospital(马鞍山十七冶医院), announcing the adjustment of relevant cadres and work arrangements for the regional integrated development. Regional integrated development is an important strategic measure unifiedly deployed by the company's party committee, in line with the national policy orientation and the high-quality development requirements of the group. Ma'anshan 17th Metallurgical Hospital will manage three medical institutions, including Hefei Anhua Trauma Rehabilitation Hospital, Hongguang Community Health Service Center, and Wuhu Road Community Health Service Center, to build a new "one hospital, multiple areas" development model. This move is conducive to accelerating the development of Ma'anshan 17th Metallurgical Hospital as the flagship hospital in East China, fully leveraging the leading role of the Grade A tertiary hospital, optimizing resource allocation, improving management efficiency, forming a joint force for development, promoting the overall improvement of the comprehensive strength of various medical institutions in the region, and creating a new benchmark for the coordinated development of the group and the company in the region.


Peng Jiahong and her delegation also visited and conducted research at Ma'anshan 17th Metallurgical Hospital, Hefei Anhua Trauma Rehabilitation Hospital,Hongguang Community Health Service Center, and Wuhu Road Community Health Service Center, and held discussions with the leadership teams and middle-level representatives of each medical institution. Peng Jiahong fully affirmed the development achievements of the above medical institutions and put forward five requirements for the next steps: first, to unify thinking and reach a high degree of consensus, fully recognizing the importance of integrated development; second, to plan systematically and position scientifically, promoting better development of various medical institutions through integration; third, to reform and innovate and take on responsibilities, effectively solving problems in high-quality development; fourth, to carry out in-depth learning and implementation of the theme education on Xi Jinping Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to ensure tangible results; fifth, to consistently enforce a strict tone, atmosphere, and measures, promoting the deepening of comprehensive and strict governance of the Party.


Personnel from the Clinical Development Department and the Human Resources Department of Universal Medical accompanied the research.


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